Indian Ayurvedic Weight Loss Foods

Five Ayurvedic foods which help in weight loss.
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Weight management and maintaining the right weight is important for good health and keeping diseases at bay. Losing the extra pounds can be a challenge. Maintaining the right weight is a holistic process. It requires one to take the right food, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are planning to lose weight these Indian Ayurvedic weight loss foods will help you a lot.

1. Triphala Powder – Triphala is a Sanskrit word which means Three Fruits. Triphala is available in powder form and is made of “Harad”, “Amla”, and “Behar”. Take half tea spoon “Triphala” powder in lukewarm water twice a day for about eight weeks.

What is Triphala Powder?

2. Guggul is an Ayurvedic herb which helps in weight loss. You can learn more about this herb at it’s Wikipedia page –

Guggul is easily available in tablet form.

3. Ginger and Lemon – Boil some ginger in water till the time water evaporates to half. Then add 10 drops of lemon juice. Let it become lukewarm then drink the mixture.

4. Kala Chana or Horse Gram is good for weight loss. It is a mild laxative and is also beneficial for diabetic patients and also to control sugar.

5. Vegetables Juices – Drinking vegetable juice also helps in weight loss. See our detailed video “Juicing for weight loss”.

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