Beans And Nuts: NOT Your Best Protein Source (But How To Eat Them The RIGHT Way For Fat Loss)

2 Other Foods To AVOID Altogether:

I have a feeling you’re going to discover something new (that you never realized about nuts and beans) in today’s video.

Just click play and you’ll uncover:

1. The biggest mistakes people make when eating beans and nuts (almost everybody makes at least one of these mistakes)
2. Why beans and nuts can easily block fat-loss (Hint: They’re NOT your best protein source.)
3. How to eat beans and nuts the RIGHT way for health and fat-loss

Remember, I’m not being a “hater” of nuts and beans. They are healthy food choices. But most folks simply don’t handle the approach or consumption of these foods the right way (and they’re not really the best source of protein).

However, there are other certain foods that you should avoid altogether. And my buddy Kyle reveals them inside this video along with 2 simple rules to follow (at least five days of the week) if you’re trying to shed some pounds.

2 simple rules to follow for foods to NEVER eat if you’re trying to burn stomach fat or cellulite:

Enjoy all the FREE fat burning content and make sure to pass this along to all the bean and nut lovers out there!

Shaun “free fat loss food tips” Hadsall

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